Tuesday, 9 November 2010

carnival splendor fire

carnival splendor fire

Reports say a cruise ship which was travelling 200 miles south of San Diego, California, is stranded offshore and is being gradually towed into a Mexican Port after it's power supply was cut off with a fire that went off in the engine room. None of the 3,299 passengers and 1,167 crew members on the Carnival Splendour were hurt when the fire broke out.

The cruise operator, Carnival Cruise Lines, based in Miami, said the ship's air conditioning, hot water and telephone service were not working, but auxiliary power allowed toilets and cold running water to be restored by Monday night. The coastguard, along with the US and Mexican navies, deployed aircraft and ships to help the stricken vessel, which was drifting about 55 miles off the coast of northern Baja. Two Mexican seagoing tugboats, contracted out of the port of Ensenada, are expected to have returned with the ship, escorted by a coastguard cutter, by about 8pm tomorrow.

So a shocking accident which will hopefully be resolved safely tomorrow night for passengers and crew members of the ship.

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