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optoma hd66 3d

optoma hd66 3d

Optoma HD66 3D Projector, Great for Wii, PlayStation, and Xbox

The 3-D Ready Optoma HD66 Home Theater Projector is a high calibre device which offers stunningly high tech and beautiful viewing in a widescreen display. With it being able to display 3-D content, the Optoma HD66 is fully capable to tackle the future of home entertainment media. With the filter-free design the length of lamp life is also extended which in turns means lower costs for you to operate the device.

3-D Ready for the Future of Entertainment
3-D brings a new dimension to both the gaming and movie experiences. While gaming is poised to lead the charge in 3-D content in the home, movies will follow soon. In addition to delivering 3-D in 720p HD (1280 x 720), the HD66 can also project 3-D content in XGA (1024 x 768) and SVGA (800 x 600) resolution. As with all 3-D displays, a 3-D source, 3-D content and 3-D glasses are required for 3-D viewing.

State-of-the-Art DLP Technology
DLP projectors with BrilliantColor technology feature multi-color processing to produce accurate and vibrant colors on the screen. The HD66 multi-color processing system features a 5-segment color wheel coated with an advanced material that achieves superb color saturation. This saturation and color accuracy is paramount to a quality image. DLP projectors also feature incredibly high native contrast ratios. Blacks are really black and whites are really white, making your text or charts easy to read.

Filter-Free Design for Simplified Maintenance
Dirty filters can significantly impact a projector's lamp life and cause early failure. The Optima HD66 is designed with a DLP engine that operates without filters. This keeps ownership and maintenance costs low while ensuring consistent performance throughout the projector’s life.

What’s in the Box
This package includes the Optoma HD66 Projector, one remote control with batteries, one composite video cable, one lens cap, an A/C power cord, multilingual CD-ROM user's manual, quick-start card, and warranty card.

Optoma's HD66, 3D-Ready home theater projector delivers the future! Breathtaking and bold, the Optoma HD66 hometheater projector provides stunningly beautiful widescreen viewing. The 3D-Ready HD66 adds a whole new demension to the gaming and home theater experience-and delivers more dynamic learning in education and training applications. With 2500 ANSI lumens, 4000:1 contrast, and native 720p widescreen resolution, the HD66 delivers subtle details and striking clarity for pure viewing delight!

Amazon customer review: "I bought this projector 3 weeks ago from Amazon. Delivery was prompt and on time. The projector came in the usual Optoma box but without a carry case. Of course I knew that, but one would have been nice anyway. I had already printed out the manual (at work of course) from the Optoma website.
Set up was easy enough but a little time consuming as the settings where totally off. I believe everyone using this projector primarily for home theater will and should set the bulb to standard. The extra lumen will come in handy however when using the 3D glasses to view 3D content.
Once calibrated, picture quality was very impressive for a 720p projector. Blacks were black enough, color and shadow, rich and detailed. The projector does a good job (imo) of scaling 1080p content. I have two Blu-ray players and the projector showed Blu-ray content a lot better with my Philips player so like everything else the source is important.
Overall I'm very happy with my purchase. Couldn't convince the wife at this stage to let me spend the extra money on a 1080p projector, so I was already looking at the HD65. I was encouraged by what was being said by the very early adapters that had pulled the trigger on the dedicated AV forums (God bless them). Early veiwings included Iron Man and Transformers, and Walle and UP for animation, all in Blu-ray on a 72" 16:9 screen and I'm truly impressed. The harshest critic is too, the wife. Picture is as good, if not better, than my Sanyo 42" 1080p plasma. I'm English; my wife is American so were now looking forward to the World Cup being shown in 3D. By the time the tournament begins hopefully the price of active shutter glasses will have fallen enough so were not passing one pair around the room to everybody.
If you have bought this projector from Amazon just post a review good, bad or indifferent. I was compelled to do so because for a long time the only one posted nearly caused me to pass on the HD66. $700 is a lot of money (to me at least), so I utilize reviews all the time without giving back. This was my first one ever, hope it helps."

A very impressive device which is sure to meet anybody's demands for the display of their media in a breathtakingly high tech and smooth presentation.

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