Wednesday, 10 November 2010

marine corps birthday

marine corps birthday






The American Marine corps sees it's 235th birthday today and the only present one platoon in Afghanistan is looking for is to see their trusted companion and platoon dog Jujo, return safely to the U.S. Kujo was a stray who drifted onto a military base in Afghanistan and charmed his way into the hearts of the platoon who were residing there, thousands of miles from home.

The Afghan hound dog offered the Marines protection, companionship and comic relief as they trekked for miles through dangerous desert. While it seems that there's so little that can be done to help the people of Afghanistan out of their impossible situation, one Marine named Andy Lindstrom was determined to save Kujo the dog. Kujo already has an adoptive home waiting for him in Waco, Texas. Nowzad is hoping to raise the $5,000 in travel expenses for Kujo through their website.

So looks like Kujo has someone watching over him to go from bleakly wandering the plains of Afghanistan to having a cosy home waiting for him in Texas, U.S with owners who'll surely love him.

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