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office 2007 versions

office 2007 versions

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Version Upgrade

Microsoft Excel makes sure you can take data of your choice and enable you to analyze, share and manage this data in however way you choose. The latest version of the world's most popular spreadsheet tool makes sure you can achieve these functions to the best of their ability.

Featuring new spreadsheets that hold more data than ever before, this software gives you the freedom to import, organize, and explore massive data sets quickly and easily, and the advanced analysis tools help you make the right decisions for any situation. Whether you need to create a table or write a formula, Excel 2007's new user interface keeps things simple and straightforward. This version upgrade of Excel 2007 is available for those who currently run the following applications on their PCs: Microsoft Excel 2000-2002; Microsoft Office Excel 2003; Microsoft Works 6.0-10; Microsoft Works Suite 2000-2006 or later; any 2000-2007 Microsoft Office suite; and any Microsoft Office XP suite.

Quick table formatting and a completely redesigned charting engine that will help you better communicate your analysis in stunning charts. View larger.
User-Friendly Operation
Excel 2007 helps reduce the time and frustration of learning new software with menus and commands that present the right tools when you need them. The improved Help system provides tooltips and links to relevant information in Microsoft Office system programs or on the Internet when connected. Get started easily by using online tutorials with step-by-step instructions or by using some of the new out-of-the-box templates. Keep your documents and sensitive information safe and secure by detecting and remove unwanted comments, hidden text, or personally identifiable information in your documents using the Document Inspector.

Office Excel 2007 helps you analyze information by improving PivotTable view creation and conditional formatting and providing full support for SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services.

Powerful Productivity Tools
Excel 2007's new, results-oriented user interface to make powerful productivity tools easily accessible. It also offers more room for you to work in and delivers faster performance. Based on the job you need to accomplish, whether it is creating a table or writing a formula, Excel 2007 presents the appropriate commands to you within the new user interface.

Versatile Options For Optimum Results
Excel 2007 gives you the option of displaying a spreadsheet dynamically as HTML for easier online access, and Excel Services users can navigate, sort, filter, input parameters, and interact with PivotTable views--all within a Web browser. You can also publish business-critical spreadsheets to Office SharePoint Server 2007 and set controls over which users can view and modify spreadsheets on the server. If you want to build a custom report from an online analytical processing (OLAP) database, the Data Connection Library makes it a snap to connect to external sources of data.

Amazon customer review: "I had the 2003 version before, this new one is much more useful and has a lot of new options."

So a very efficient and impressive version of Microsoft Excel which would be beneficial to anyone needing to manage a lot of data for personal or business use.

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