Thursday, 11 November 2010

xbox fixing

xbox fixing

Ultimate Xbox 360 XCLAMP Repair Kit - 3 Red Light X-Clamp Fix w/ Opening Unlock Toolkit

If you are one of the unlucky ones who've experienced the awful "3 Red Light Error" that is the upshot of your XBOX 360 being overheated, you needn't worry because you can now repair this problem yourself with this xbox 360 x-clamp repair kit. Included in the kit is proprietary hardware that is manufactured specifically to fix problems you may be receiving with your XBOX.

You will receive enough hardware to fix both core processors (CPU and GPU). We have spent many hours developing the most complete instructional guides on the internet. Personally authored and very easy to follow! Our detailed instructions will show you how to easily fix most of the dreaded "3 Red Light of Death" error codes. We offer a wide variety of repair kits with different parts and supplies. Please see the item picture(s) and the condition note for everything included with this particular listing. To view our complete product line, simply click on the "3RedLightFix" logo.
Amazon customer review: "I consider myself to be completely inapt when it comes to fixing things. I had tried to fix my 3RL'd XBox 360 before with the eraser techinique that my cousin had tried successfuly before and that worked for about 3 days for me... And in the process of opening my XBox I've damaged some of the exterior plastic locks and broke one of the small screws that hold the heat syncs. As I said before, completely inept.

I got this kit as a last resort and after a few hours "operating" my XBox (it took me longer than with most people, I'm sure), including silly mistakes such as placing one of the heat syncs in the wrong position and having to come back to do it again (though the instructions did alert for that, and luckily the kit had enough paste and cleaning solutions for me to correct my mistake), I finally had it working again. It's been only a couple of weeks now, but I feel good about this fix just by remembering how bad the paste I have replaced looked.

The tools that came in the kit we really helpful as well. The XBox opening tool was very helpful and the Torx tools are a must.

Now my cousin's XBox also went down again and I am going to help him fix it with a second repair kit that I'm buying."

So a valuble piece of equipment which can dig you out of the hole you are in with a faulty XBOX.

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