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outlook troubleshooting

outlook troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook (Eu-Undefined) [Paperback]

Usually technicians handle the job of defining where problems are located by referring to troubleshooting trees. These techniques work well on different kinds of systems from cars to computer software, as a way of going through symptoms on way to determining a diagnosis or solution.

Trees present a series of yes/no questions that are linked in a flow diagram and to which you respond, based on your observations, until you reach a statement of the problem and a recommended fix. Troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook doesn't use troubleshooting trees in their traditional form, but uses flow diagrams as a means of directing readers to how-to procedures for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. It's an effective approach to a perennial problem.

For example, a chapter on importing and exporting Outlook data opens with a flow diagram. The first box asks, "When you import data, do you get an error that says, 'Too many fields'?" The "Yes" leg of that question leads to a page reference; the referenced page contains a concise and accurate procedure that solves the problem. Because most of the flow diagrams consist of a single path and a series of page references, they're really just tables of contents--but it's easier sometimes to spot the relevant procedure this way than by reading a dry list of titles. Really obscure Outlook errors, such as those that are caused by corrupted index files, aren't covered here, but author Julia Kelly gets her readers well beyond the troubleshooting that appears in the online Help files. --David Wall

Topics covered: Problems that can pop up in Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Outlook Express 5.0, and recommended procedures for fixing them. Coverage touches on normal (but not routine) functions like backing up data, as well as problems related to importing, exporting, account management, synchronization, formatting, and more.
Product Description
Trouble with your e-mail system? Take aim with this handy TROUBLESHOOTING guide! Use easy diagnostic flowcharts to identify the problem—and target your solution. Fast!

• Step-by-step instructions, Quick Fixes, and handy tips walk you through the remedy • Helpful screenshots keep you on track • Quick-access charts to Top 20 Problems and Prevention Tips—plus an extensive index—lead to more fast answers NOTE: Covers Microsoft® Outlook® 2000 and Outlook Express

Amazon customer review of this product: "Email is the fastest growing way to reach everyone you know. In fact over 80% of people use email in there everyday routine. I know that when email goes down I have a tough time getting and sending information. But what can be done to help fix problem without spending major dollars on support?

You might want to get a hold of this book and take a look at what Julie Kelly has done for the world of email. Covering both Outlook Express and Outlook 2000, Kelly step you through the troubleshooting process like any experienced technician.

With topics like backing up of data, calendars, contacts, email, which is over 85 pages of the 300 pages, faxing, folders, linking, mail merge, newsgroups, sounds and synchronizing data you have just about everything covered.

The troubleshooting is done through a flow chart method with make the troubleshooting easier to follow along. Also you have the opportunity to get free web solutions and this rounds out a very complete book."

So a welll recommended book for those who want the lowdown on how to overcome any stumbling blocks that a user could come across using the email software.

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