Wednesday, 10 November 2010

media keyboard wireless

media keyboard wireless

Cideko Air Keyboard Wireless Media Keyboard & Gyro Mouse for HTPC, PC, Mac & PS3

Melding the functions of a wireless mouse and keyboard into one small device, the Air Keyboard is one of the ultimate new pieces of technology. The 80 key palm sized mini keyboard helps you surf the internet and type emails effortlessly in a wireless setting. The 3D mouse sensor helps you move the screen cursor whilst the keyboard is fitted right at your fingertips. You just have to hold Air Keyboard with your hands and move it to the desired direction to control the cursor.

There is no software or driver to be installed. Simply plug the dongle into your computer and start using your all-in-one Air Keyboard. With its space-saving design and 100 feet range, Air Keyboard will help you get the ultimate experience from your media computer system.

Amazon customer review: "I was looking for a small keyboard and mouse device to finish my home entertainment PC. I was apprehensive as the item is very new with not much feedback. It arrived in a small box. Set up was a snap. The mouse movement was smooth although I will likely need to increase the mouse sensitivity in Windows. Range appears to be good; I use it from my couch 10 ft away and the USB dongle is in the back of my PC. The keyboard is not designed to type a large volume of text but instead, this keyboard focuses on the needs of the Media PC; For example, there are keys for volume control (including mute), video control (fast forward etc.) and one touch internet. The only keys it seems to lack are some top row keys (F1-12 etc.) In summary:

Size: It's just over 5 inches wide. It fits entirely in one hand!
Special media keys: Seems to be designed specifically for a home media PC.
Coolness factor: This is the coolest device I've seen in a while.

Documentation: The documentation is a bit sparse. I would like to know more about the middle mouse key.

All in all, I am very pleased so far."

So an ultra ideal and practical peripheral for all PC users and makes the online experience a more efficient and pleasing one.

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