Tuesday, 9 November 2010

missile launch california

missile launch california

The US military are still in the dark over who was resposible for a missile launch caught on camera, off the coast of California on Monday Night. The contrail of what appears to be a missile was streaking into the California sunset at around 5pm pacific time on Monday night and it was all caught on tape for the authorities to investigate.

The video drew more attention when local news stations were told by Navy and Air Force officials that they did not launch a missile Monday night. U.S. Northern Command says they are continuing to investigate the origin of the apparent missile launch, but have still not determined if a U.S. military or federal agency was responsible for what appears to be a missile launch. However, in a statement they confirmed "that there is no threat to our nation, and from all indications this was not a launch by a foreign military." NorthCom spokesman John Cornelio says they are continuing to look at every possibility, and "that includes missiles, planes and everything. We simply do not have a definitive answer at this time."

So a bizarre occurence for the military to get to the bottom of and at the moment they don't have any clear idea what it might be.

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