Thursday, 11 November 2010

ps3 controller colors

ps3 controller colors

Nyko PlayStation 3 Zero Wireless Controller - colors may vary

Experience the ultimate games console controller and innovative technology with the zero wireless controller for the ps3 and all for an impressive low price. This controller is a state of the art, ergonomicly designed product, made with comfort as it's primary goal alongside a unique and stylish image.

With full six-direction tilt functionality, the Zero is compatible with all PS3 software and control schemes. The Zero is powered by an included NiMH rechargeable battery that provides up to 25 hours of wireless game play. When necessary, simply plug the included charging cable into the PS3s USB port and play and charge the controller simultaneously or use the included AA battery pack. The Zero is the first controller to feature LED back-lit action buttons, heat dissipating aluminum panels and a hybrid metal-resin design. The controller will come in 1 of 3 premium colors: Arctic White, Stealth Black or Champagne Silver. COLOR MAY VARY. The Zero is the paramount in controller precision, design and engineering.

Amazon customer review: "I have to say that this is the best third party controller I have tried for my PS3. I have tried several different controllers to accommodate my big hands and fingers sliding off the analog and trigger buttons. There was just nothing out there...

One Tip: To get it to connect right away, just slap some double "A" batteries in it and setup it up from there, yes YOU WILL have major problems connecting if you try to use the included rechargeable battery before you actually charge it up which takes about 30minutes to charge. So for instant connectivity just have you some "AA" batteries handy.

Bottom line is this, if you are like me and have been looking for a replacement controller for your PS3 that is a LOT more comfortable, with no finger slipping. Look no further cause this is it. I will say that the $[...] dollar price may be a bit to pricey for some, but in my opinion it is worth every penny."

So this is definitely the controller you've been waiting for if you're a big gamer and looking for an efficient but easy on the eye controller.

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